About us
We are a team of technocrats having years of expertise in the electrical and electronic industry.
Our Belief
We believe – Energy conservation is essential for sustainable and inclusive economic growth of the World. Hence, focus is mainly on the introduction of best products for the industry, which are highly cost effective & energy efficient. The future of lighting is LED. We strive for Controlled lighting, eco-friendly solutions and cost effective products for our clients. We take pride in our wide range of products and believe in- INNOVATIVE, PRECISE & SUSTAINABLE.
Lighting your ways
In ANORALUX CORP. every product that comes from this company are of best quality which means that you can trust that all products will be made with the highest quality parts, and assembled by professionals. We have the creativity to use a product in a unique and innovative way.
ANORALUX CORP. service is based on our commitment to customers’ satisfaction. We promise fast, efficient service and maintenance of our lighting solutions whenever you need us, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.We have skilled professionals standing by to confirm the normal operation of the products. The goal behind our service is to make sure that you get help as quickly and effectively as possible.
Customized Solutions
ANORALUX CORP. has a team of passionate professionals, who provide the complete product design, research, development, and manufacture procedures for each item. Our specialty is providing customized solutions to people who have complex logistical problems or a unique approach to brand recognition. With a strong attention to detail, we make sure to customize our products to fit any request that comes our way.
Our technical support team assist you in technical questions to provide you with self-help resources, including detailed product testing and product information by finding answers to your questions via the web, chat or phone to get a response, real-time, high-quality support.
ANORALUX Corp. is a professional manufacturer of lighting equipment supplier. Our products are RoHS compliant, contain NO Mercury, CE certified, based on Green Technology, highly energy efficient, and guaranteed quality. This is because we conceptualize and design with our configuration and specification using high quality parts. Choose QUALITY, Choose ANORALUX! We are bound to offer high-quality products, parts and after sales service to all our customers, thereby gaining their trust and support.