Our Services
We are a team of technocrats having years of expertise in electrical and electronic industry.
Customized Solutions
ANORALUX CORP. has a team of passionate professionals, who provide the complete product design, research, development, and manufacture procedures for each item. Our specialty is providing customized solutions to people who have complex logistical problems or a unique approach to brand recognition. With a strong attention to detail, we make sure to customize our products to fit any request that comes our way.
Installation Services
Bringing Brilliance to Every Occasion. At Anoralux Corp, we specialize in creating unforgettable atmospheres through cutting-edge event and stage lighting installations. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals combines technical expertise with artistic finesse to transform any space into a mesmerizing spectacle.
Programming Solutions
Lighting Control Redefined At Anoralux Corp, we revolutionize event and stage lighting through advanced programming solutions that elevate visual experiences to new heights. Our innovative approach to lighting control merges technology and artistry, offering unparalleled precision and creativity.
Maintenance Service
Sustaining Brilliance, Ensuring Perfection At Anoralux Corp , we understand that flawless lighting is the heartbeat of any successful event or performance. Our dedicated maintenance services for event and stage lighting systems are designed to keep your lighting setup operating at its peak, ensuring reliability, safety, and optimal performance throughout every show.
Design Services
At Anoralux Corp , we specialize in transcendent event and stage lighting design, transforming spaces into captivating environments that elevate every performance, event, or show. Our design services merge innovation, creativity, and technical expertise to curate immersive lighting experiences that leave lasting impressions.